VST RF Skin Rejuvenation and Lip Plump


VST Skin

VST is a safe and effective non invasive RF (radiofrequency) device used to tighten the skin, restore its elasticity, and promotes firmness.

VST Skin tightening works to strengthen existing collagen fibers that have weakened over time due to aging and various forms of stress and is an effective solution for treating facial areas including forehead, marionette lines, cheeks, jowls as well the sensitive areas around the eyes, neck, décolleté elbows and knees. Significant results include skin elasticity restoration and a tighter and smoother appearance.

Optimal effective treatment results are seen after 3 treatments over the course of 6 months.

VST Lip Plump

VST RF Lip Plump is a painless non-invasive regenerative procedure that restores collagen in your lips, leaving your lips more radiant, more full, and with a healthier hue.  This is achieved by increasing blood microcirculation and stimulating the fibroblast, increasing collagen and elastin in your lips. 

A series of 6 sessions is recommended, and optimal effective final treatment results are seen 3 months post final treatment. 


VST is a painless procedure that provides a comfortable experience. As a very targeted treatment, treatment time can vary depending on the area being treated.  Each individual area, for instance, crows fee, nasolabial lines, neck, lips, may take approximately 30 minutes time.  There is no downtime associated with this procedure, and procedure provides an immediate result.

Images below are of a before and after following 1 session of VST RF Lip Plump.  Individual results may vary.