Dr. Teny Haroutunian

Dr. Teny Haroutunian
Medical Director and Physician


Image of Dr. Teny Haroutunian


Dr. Teny Haroutunian is a board certified Family Medicine physician with a background in urgent care, and extensive specialized and advanced training and experience in aesthetics, particularly in the area of regenerative procedures. With a dedicated passion for overall health, Dr. Teny believes in treating the body from within. She follows a patient first, care-centric methodology, and strongly believes that a person’s well being is multi factorial, requiring an integrative approach to treatment. In addition, Dr. Teny's approach to aesthetics is to create enhancements that yield natural looking results, leaving a more youthful and rejuvenated you.

Dr. Teny Haroutunian is trilingual: fluent in English, Spanish, and Armenian.