Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss, Nutrition and Wellness

At Renewlogie we recognize that weight loss is a multifactorial process, which often involves not only diet and exercise, but also the monitoring of health to ensure the body is equipped with the necessary tools in order to maximize the chance of long term success.

How does Renewlogie's Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss Program work?

Step 1: Initial Medical Consultation. During your initial consultation, you will be assessed by Dr. Teny to determine any underlying health conditions. A full body composition analysis will be done to establish baseline and help guide treatment. Pertinent labs will be performed in office, and will be reviewed by Dr. Teny prior to your next appointment. This will allow customization of your comprehensive weight loss plan, and will ensure that there is no underlying condition impacting weight. Working closely with our nutritionist, we will discuss your weight loss goals and health history. 

Step 2: Initial Nutrition Consultation. Your dietary needs will be determined, taking into consideration allergies, nutritional preferences, and lifestyle.

Step 3: Personalized Plan.  Based on your initial consultations, we will create a customized weight loss plan, which may include medication, vitamins, diet, exercise, and behavior modification. 

Step 4: Regular Monitoring.  Weekly follow ups will ensure progress, and will enable your team to assess an adjust your plan, as needed, in order to maximize success while ensuring your weight loss goals are met safely and in good health.

Step 5:  Support and Education.   We believe the key for long term success is support and education.  Our goal is to make certain you understanding your body, your metabolism, and overall nutrition, so that we are able to integrate our plan into your lifestyle, and have our plan become your plan. This integration will allow you to maintain your weight loss for years to come.

We also offer Simple Medical Weight Loss and Nutrition Only plans. All plans begin with an Initial Medical Consultation.

Evolt360 Body Scanner

An important contributing factor to your success is access to Renewlogie's Evolt360 Body Scanner. This comprehensive scanner reads over 30 different measurements including: muscle mass, fat mass, lean body mass, visceral fat mass, subcutaneous fat mass, water, protein, and mineral levels, and so much more, including segmental analysis of your body, and your biological age as compared to your chronological age. 

Equipped with this information, as well as the proper guidance, support, and medical oversight, we are confident we can help turn your weight loss goals into your every day reality.